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How to wear a wig without being seen, these three points are very important!
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A lot of girls think wearing a wig is very beautiful, dress up also convenient, but after buying a wig, do not dare to wear out again, for fear of being seen by others very lose face.

So how do you make a wig look real, like your hair? To learn more about how to wash wigs, click here.

How about a wig

How to wear a wig is not seen, in fact, mainly with three aspects.

The first is the texture of the wig, if you can be seen from seven or eight meters away is false, it proves that the wig is a real failure.

At present, there are two extremes in the use of wigs in the market. One is that the machine-made silk wigs are very fake, and the other is that the hand-made artificial crocheted wigs are very real, almost indistinguishable from the grown ones in appearance.

Wig to be real, material and workmanship is the most basic, but in addition, wig hair is also very important.

Like to hair shop to make model, ladies wigs can do air bang, Bob, broken hair, straight hair, curly hair, go, and so on, the boy can also choose to be flat, "these method, steel, aircraft, so the choice of hairstyle must be in accordance with their age and the characteristics of image temperament, want to be united with their hair color.

How about wearing a wig and not being seen

Finally, there is the issue of the wig wearing skills, how to wear a wig is very simple, put the hair cover in the right position and press tight, and then comb the hair is ok, right?

But still have a few skill actually, when hair parting for instance had better use his hair completely; The wig of half head type again, can turn the bang in front backward cover the brim of wig, such wig have no trace completely...

Material work, hair style and wearing tips is to ensure that the wig realistic natural three elements, as long as the three points to solve, that no matter you are to go shopping, work, or travel can be dressed up with a wig beautiful, completely do not have to consider wearing a wig will be seen out.

It doesn't matter if you want to wear a wig because of an image need, or if you want to wear a wig because your hair is thin and bald.

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