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How often is it better to wash a wig, and then dry it with a hair dryer?

Now no matter men or women, wearing wigs are very common, so there are a lot of questions and answers about wigs on the Internet, some say wigs can't be washed, some say wigs can't be blown, and some say wigs are not durable, so how often can wigs be washed and washed, can be blown dry?

How often is it better to wash a wig, and then dry it with a hair dryer?

Say wig cannot wash above all, cannot blow, those who buy is very cheap certainly is that kind of fiber wig, because this kind of wig is easy to be out of shape after washing blow, and still can become hair manic with break hair, so in order to maintain the modelling of wig follows colour and lustre, a lot of people mislead to say, wig is washed less had better.

But that's actually not true. A good wig, like a custom-made human hair wig, is completely washable.

Can wash not only, and still very convenient, can resemble oneself hair to take to undertake cleaning in the hair like, use shampoo, protect hair element next no problem of what.

Consider from wholesome safety Angle again, wig also must clean regularly ability goes.

Wash the wig

Because although wig won't secrete grease, but when wearing, hard to avoid can be infected with sweat stains, grease, dust and some harmful substances, often clean care is not easy to breed bacteria, at the same time this is more conducive to the maintenance of our wig.

How often is it better to wash wigs?

This does not have very specific time, basically still see oneself are worn frequency is not frequent.

If do not often wear, it is ok to wash before unused every time, but if because be the reason such as tribaldness, white hair, need to often wear wig, so 3 it is more wholesome to wash 3 to 7 days.

Customer Case

So a clean wig can be dried with a hair dryer?

Said earlier, the reason of wig generally don't recommend use hair dryer, mainly hot air is easy to cause deformation of chemical fiber silk wig, but basic human hair wigs and our hair is no difference, as long as the temperature is not too much work is no problem, and not only can wash can blow, again don't have to worry about bad for dyeing and perm, convenient our daily to do all kinds of hair.

With scientific and technological progress, the wig is not like we think is fake and uncomfortable, it's like a hat, now have a wig tailored specifically for hair loss, authenticity and fashion are very high, almost makes it impossible to visually distinguish real hair and wigs, bring your own wigs feeling also is very comfortable and not boring or sad, if you want to make image become more modern look good, can try

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