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Wig how to bring diagram,step in detail will learn!
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In addition to hair less hair loss like wearing a wig, now many girls are also keen to use a wig to change their style, because it does not have to spoil their hair. To learn more about how to clean wigs, click here.

Wearing a wig

However the word that wig wears bad, not only easy to drop, still can affect beautiful effect!

How to take hairpiece just right and beautiful, will understand together below.

There are many kinds of wigs, including full-top wigs, partial pieces of wigs and pieces used to increase hair volume, etc. Although there are many kinds, the wearing methods of wigs are generally similar, so here we will take the most common full-style wigs to explain in detail.

Let's look at the key points

Procedures for wig wearing

1, take out the hair net, with the hand, from the top down to the neck, and then pull up to the hairline position, the tail of the hair net knot;

2. Fix your hair with bobby pins. If it is a piece of hair, it should be arranged.

3. Before wearing the wig, first of all, the wig should be straightened and neatly arranged to avoid messy knots in the process of wearing, which is more convenient for our later modeling.

4. Aim the front end of the wig at the position and bring it up from the front to the back.

5. Adjust the size of the head circumference, and make subtle adjustments by hand to ensure the correct details and position of the wig.

6. Fix the wig and comb your hair until it matches your image.

How to draw a wig

Procedures for wig wearing

In fact, the method of wearing a wig is very easy, simple point is to put it on the head is done, but a lot of people doubt that they wear a wig is not correct, because the effect is not real enough natural, people can recognize it is a wig.

Actually wig enough real, contact wear method is not much, the most main or see wig workmanship and material, if you the wig is demanding, suggest you buy a tailor-made human hair wigs, such result is very real, feel like grow, others around you look not to come out, now a lot of stars with this wig.

Custom-made wig also has an advantage also is common wig cannot compare, that is to use convenient sanitation.

Because it is 100% real hair, so not only can wash and hot, but also can use a variety of hair care products, you can change the hair style according to their own dress, very practical.

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