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How to Attach and Remove Tape-in Skin Weft Hair Extensions
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Prapare/Applyimg Tape-in Hair Extensions

1. Wash hair with a deep clean shampoo (NO CONDITIONER IS TO BE APPLIED TO THE HAIR)

2. Dry hair until completely dry making sure root area has no moisture or residue

3. Section clients hair from ear to ear

Section the nape area below the ear around an inch in thickness all the way round.

4.Starting at the middle of the nape, take a section no wider than the tape you are going to apply and no thicker that the tape hair piece.

5. Before peeling off the tape Press firmly on the tape and back of hair piece from middle outwards

6. Now peel off the tape from one of the corners with fingers or tweezers

7. Place the piece underneath the section of hair, press clients hair down at the root area to the tape area apply small amount of liquid adhesive if required and then place the next piece on top sandwiching the clients hair between the two tapes by pressing firmly in the middle outwards.

8. Complete your 1st row making sure you do not go to close to the hair line otherwise the tape will stick out and not lay flat.

9. Section your second row by making sure you leave half to an inch section of hair in between, This will depend on the thickness of the clients hair.

10.When applying the tape hair start just off centre as this will creat a brick form.

11.The third row section will be taken from front area about half an inch above the ear across the head to the other side of the ear.

Start again in the middle area working your way across the head.

12. The fourth row section follow the same as no 11 instructions when applying this row you will start again just off centre to create a brick form application.

13.The fifth row you leave half inch section between the last row.

depending on how short the clients hair is you may take another section across from front of the ear and repeat no 11 or you will complete the last row from behind ear section.



1. Start at the top area when removing the tapes

Apply solution remover to a section of tape.

Use the tale comb to find an opening on the tape and peel open a little, them apply a little more remover to detatch the tape from the hair. Do not rip open the tape it will come away with ease.

If there is any residue you can also use a detangle lotion or serum spray to remove any tangles that may have built up.

2. Repeat to all sections

3. If reusing the same hair to re apply then wash the tapes and hair in a bundle using the hair extensions shampoo to wash/condition the hair area only and then use deep clean shampoo to wash the tape area.

4. Dry the hair and peel of any of the old tape left on. Now your ready to re tape the extensions for re application.

5.Roll out tape and place the hair weft face down to tape, cut the tape around to fit. Repeat with all pieces.

6.they are now ready to apply again. The hair will be as good as new.

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